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Q: Where is Merrill, OR?

A:  On Highway 39, 5 miles north of the Oregon-California state line, and 21 miles south of Klamath Falls, OR. 

Q: Will I need to bring my own chair to watch the bands?

A: Yes, bring your own chair. Those with higher backed chairs are asked to place their chairs in the back half of the audience area. Remember, if you are not sitting in your chair it is OK for anyone to use it until you return. Be sure to pick up your chairs when leaving on Sunday.

Q: Do you accept credit cards or ATM cards at the tickets gates?

A: No, all sales at the gates are CASH ONLY. There are several ATM machines within a couple of blocks - FastBreak Convenience Store is one. Online tickets can be paid for with a credit card, but those sales close at end of day June 30. Craft vendors may or may not accept cards, that is up to them individually.

Q: I paid in advance, where can I pick up my tickets?

A: If you have tickets only then pick up your tickets at the main ticket gate next to the Civic Center. If you bought tickets and camping your tickets will be at the RV gate.

Q: Will you have early camping?

A: Yes, camping officially starts on Monday before the festival. If you are in between destinations and need an extra day or two on either end of the festival then call Joyce Furlong to work something out 775-722-9877.

Q: Where is the RV entrance for campers?

A: RVs enter from South Main Street. If you are using a GPS, use address 134 South Main St, Merrill, OR 97633, then watch for the signs.

Q: Will there be shade in the audience area?

A: We have several large shade covers in the audience area including a shaded area for folks with dogs. You can bring your own shade cover as long as 1). There is room, 2). you set it up at the rear of the audience area, 3).do not block vendors, 4). do not block anyone's view, and 5). shade cover must be secured in case of wind. We reserve the right to ask anyone to take down their shade cover and/or cancel shade covers altogether if need be.

Q: Are there electrical and water hookups for campers?

A: No, but there are numerous electrical outlets around the festival grounds that can be used to keep your batteries charged (cannot use for air conditioners or microwaves). Be sure to bring extension cords. One area of elec is reserved for handicapped/medical purposes. There is water available on site to fill your tanks - the campground host will show you where.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Yes, with restrictions:

       Pet Rules:

  • Owners must have proof of all required and up-to-date vaccinations, and dogs must have ID tags on their collars. 

  • When you bring your dog to the festival, you accept liability for injury or property damage caused by your dog and you will be responsible for all cost of repairs, fines or levies. Neither the Lost River Bluegrass Festival nor the City of Merrill will be liable for any actions of the dog or its owners.

  • When you walk your dog it must be on a short (not to exceed six (6) feet) leash, no retractable leashes. 

  • Dogs must be confined to a pen or a RV or on a short leash while in camp. No free ranging tethers are allowed.  

  • Keep supplies handy and clean up after your dog. It’s good manners. You wouldn’t want to ruin someone else’s good time.

  • We’ll have to ask you to remove your dog from the grounds if it becomes a nuisance. Being a nuisance includes continually barking (for a single time or multiple short intervals) or disturbing festival goers in any manner. This will be strenuously enforced.

  • Please don’t leave your dog alone for longer than 45 minutes to an hour.  

  • During the Festival, dogs must stay outside of any food or eating areas or any areas that are near the stages and vendors.

  • We will allow well-mannered dogs in the audience area that is designated for dogs - this area will be shaded for the comfort of you and your dog. If your dog barks or in any way disrupts the enjoyment of the festival for others we will ask you to remove the dog.

Q: Are coolers allowed?

A: Yes, with some restrictions. Here are the festival guidelines:

      Festival & Camping Etiquette

  • No glass bottles.  No outside alcohol in audience or food court areas.

  • No pets must be on a short leash (no retractable leashes), be well-mannered and stay in the pets-only area.

  • No smoking in audience, vendor or food serving/eating areas.

  • Cell phone off or in manner mode.

  • Wrist bands prominently displayed.

  • Keep chatting to a minimum—people want to hear the bands.

  • Pick up your trash when you leave.

  • If you are not sitting in your chair it is OK for anyone to use it until you return.

  • Be sure to pick up your chairs when leaving on Sunday.

  • In Campground area:

  • Run generators minimally, no later than 10pm and no earlier than 7am.

  • No wood burning campfires—propane firepits and charcoal grills are ok.

  • Showers are located in the main building - the old high school gym showers.


Pet Rules

The Lost River Bluegrass Festival is hosted by the Lost River Arts and Cultural Alliance, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, PO Box 595, Keno, OR 97627.

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