Activities! So much to do...


Bluegrass Jam Class

Taught by Rick Sparks using the Wernick Method. Assisted by Karen Roemmich.

$65 for 2 sessions or $35 per session.

$10 off if you in register in advance. Festival admission required. $35 deposit reserves your spot; 50% refundable for cancellations more than one month in advance. 

Sign up HERE.

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Food and Craft Vendors


Several food vendors as well as a wide selection of fun arts and crafts vendors.

Beer Garden Hosted By Mia's & Pia's Brewhouse 


The first and finest Local brewery, Mia's & Pia's Brewhouse, will host a beer garden in the food court area. They boast many styles of personal recipe beers for the decerning palate, well suited for sipping.

Instrument Petting Zoo


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play a banjo? A mandolin? Maybe your true calling is the dobro. You never know until you try. Hosted by Wyatt Troxell, the instrument petting zoo will give you the opportunity to lay hands on an assortment of instruments and have some talented teachers show you the basics. Fair warning: this music is easily played and addictive!

Saturday Afternoon Pie and Ice Cream


Sponsored and benefiting the Running Raiders Girls Youth Basketball team. Proceeds will help fund their trip to the tournament.

Merrill History & Modoc War Museum


Be sure to visit the Merrill History and Modoc War Museum. You can learn about how Merrill came to be and the pioneers that created our fair town. See the Modoc War room, the only Indian war in which a U.S. Army General was killed. There is also a room dedicated to Merrill's own Carl Barks, the creator of Scrooge McDuck and all of Duckburg's residents. Hours 9-4 Thursday and Friday, 10-2 Saturday. Located in the Merrill City Hall at 301 E. Second St, Merrill, OR 97633

Stuff To Do In and Around Klamath County

Click here and Check This Out!!

Did you know we have a national park and a nationa monument within an hour's drive of Merrill? These are Crater Lake National Park and Lava Beds National Monument. And that's just the beginning of what there is to do in and around Klamath County. This online guide will fill you in on where you can dine, lodge, camp, sightsee, bike, hike, spelunk, go to museums, golf, even glide down a zipline!! 

While you are driving around, keep your camera handy. You will lose count of the number of picturesque old barns, farm houses, hay barns, green fields and pastures, rivers and water ways that you will see. And another little bit of advice, just from me to you (you know who you are): there are some nice little thrift stores and antique stores in the area - a quick online search will give you plenty of treasure hunting spots to explore. 

The Lost River Bluegrass Festival is hosted by the Lost River Arts and Cultural Alliance, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, PO Box 595, Keno, OR 97627.