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Welcome to Merrill, Oregon, home of the Lost River Bluegrass Festival!


The City of Merrill was founded in 1894 and still epitomizes the same small town charm of that era. A community of 845 people in south central Oregon located just 5.4 miles from the California border. Farming and agriculture related businesses are the primary economy sustaining industries of the area. The main street of Merrill is lined with quaint specialty shops where customers are still greeted on a first name basis and most transactions are still sealed with a handshake. This friendly, tight knit community is considered a modern day Mayberry, a place that is safe for your children to grow up and where neighbor still watches out for neighbor. Please come and enjoy the small town atmosphere for yourself! 

Festival Dates:  July 12th - 14th, 2024
2024 Band Line-Up

Nick Dumas & Branchline

Nick Dumas and Branchline.JPG

Nick Dumas and Branchline
Sponsored by Lisa Blundon P.C., Atty-at-Law

The Western Flyers w/
Redd Volkaert

Western Flyers with Redd Volkaert inset photo.jpg

The Central Valley Boys

Central Valley Boys.jpg

Central Valley Boys Sponsored by
Basin Fertilizer & Chemical Co.

Pleasant Valley Boys PR photo.jpg

Pleasant Valley Boys Sponsored by
Umpqua Bank, Merrill Branch

The Western Flyers With Redd Volkaert
Sponsored by Panhandle West

Arizona Wildflowers


Arizona Wildflowers Sponsored by
Fast Break/Ed Staub & Sons

The Baker Family

Baker Family photo.jpg

Baker Family Sponsored by
Glenn & Ursula Gailis

And returning despite demand....

Stukel Mountain Stranglers

Stukel Mtn Stranglers 2022.jpg

Stukel Mtn Stranglers Sponsored by
Wild Goose Meadows RV Resort

Sound Provided by

Grass Roots Sound Company

Grass Roots Sound Company Sponsored by
Klamath County Rotary Club

Grass Roots Sound.png

The Lost River Bluegrass Festival is hosted by the Lost River Arts and Cultural Alliance, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, PO Box 595, Keno, OR 97627.

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